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Extra Savings When You Buy or Sell Your Home!

by qjtoner 23. January 2014 10:57

 The Great American Real Estate Rebate Organization


  • Every time you buy or sell a home with the Win Realty Advisor Team, you get a discount equal to 10% of the Real Estate Agency Commission . For example, on a $100,000.00 house with 3% commission (per side), $300.00 will be given to the consumer.
  • When you choose a participating lender, the Scout, troop and council get an accompanying donation. On a $100,000.00 house this could mean $300.00 total to be shared between the scout, troop and council!!!
  • Real Fundraising results for our scouts, our troops and our council.
  • This is a legally binding offer subject to RESPA rules and regulations and lender restrictions if any. Funds are dispersed at the time of closing.

Visit us at: http://www.greatamericanrealestaterebate.com/scouts/index.html

Everybody Wins



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The Great American Real Estate Rebate Organization

by qjtoner 14. January 2014 08:04

Hey Scouts, Scout leaders, parents and Councils

 Need to raise $? Check out this awesome program to make big bucks for our scouts, troops and councils.

This is the real deal and blessed by National in TX.

Click here: http://www.greatamericanrealestaterebate.com/scouts/index.html

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The Great American Real Estate Rebate!

by qjtoner 7. January 2014 09:59


We give back 10% of our earnings every time one of our American public servants,

volunteer's or unsung heroes buys or sells a home using one of our agents.


To give back to the many public servants, volunteers

and unsung heroes that give so much to their fellow Americans.

If you've ever been to the hospital for any reason and appreciated the personal care given from a nurse, felt grateful for the extra time a teacher or Scout Leader spent with your child, enjoyed fresh produce or quite frankly enjoy eating at all, wept when you saw our police, fire and rescue personal risking their lives on 9/11, watched anxiously as your parent, child or sibling waved goodbye on their way to a foreign land to defend the freedom of others, if you get a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye reading this then you understand why I am putting my money where my mouth is and giving back to all of folks here who have given their time , their energy and their very selves for me. I can't change the world but I can change myself and I give back 10% of every commission I, or any agent I work with in North America, earn on every real estate transaction we am a part of. Every time one of our fellow American public servants, volunteers or unsung heroes uses one of our hand picked agents when they buy or sell a home anywhere in North America the agent and I give back 10% of our commission. Furthermore, we partner with certain lenders to make a matching contribution to the buyer or sellers chosen charity or organization such as the Boy or Girl Scouts of America, Fraternal Order of Police or National Education Association. I look forward to serving you and giving back.

to participate in this cause and save money the next time you buy or sell a home.

Mortgage Rates Inch Downward

by qjtoner 18. December 2013 03:56

Fixed-rate mortgages saw a slight decline this week. The downward move comes after rates saw a healthy increase over the past three weeks in response to positive economic reports, particularly in the growth of private-sector employment.

The drop in rates is seen as a response to a reduction in reports on economic indicators, as major markets brace

for news from the Federal Open Market Committee meeting next week.

Read more at: http://www.realtor.com/news/mortgage-rates-inch-downward/#.UrGpo7SzLTU

As seen on realtor.com

Real Estate Investing For Rental Profits And Winning Every Time!

by qjtoner 11. December 2013 11:22

Real Estate Investing For Rental Profits And Winning Every Time!

The Truth About Real Estate Investing, Revealed for the 1 st Time, So You Don’t Make Mistakes

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Are you a do-it-yourself Rental Property Owner?

by qjtoner 3. December 2013 05:38

Are you a do-it-yourself Rental Property Owner?

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Rental Profits without The Pain!

by qjtoner 27. November 2013 03:58

There is truly no better way to educate yourself than to do it through obtaining hands on knowledge

of someone else’s experiences of your desired pursuit of interest!

In this book Gary discusses and shares his experiences with more than 20 of his investment rental properties.

Learn the correct way to utilize all of the processes necessary so that you can experience “Rental Profits Without The Pain”.

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"7 Reasons Why Now is a Great Time to Buy"

by qjtoner 21. November 2013 06:12


1. Home affordability is at an all time high.
2. Mortgage rates are at rock bottom.
3. Home prices are back on the rise.
4. Sellers are motivated.
5. Financing is readily available.
6. Owning versus renting is increasingly favorable.
7. Home ownership is still at he core of the American Dream!

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by qjtoner 13. November 2013 05:56



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Softening Housing Market Pushes Key Mortgage Rates Down

by qjtoner 6. November 2013 08:08


Fixed-rate mortgages continued to trend downward for the second consecutive week and are now at their

lowest levels since June.

The average rate on a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage dropped  0.03 percentage point from the previous, according to the latest survey by mortgage buyer Freddie Mac. Previously at 4.13 percent, the 30-year average is now trending at 4.1 percent.

At this time last year the average was 3.39 percent.

It’s now at its lowest level since it averaged 3.93 percent in June.


As seen on Realtor.com

Read more at: http://www.realtor.com/news/softening-housing-market-pushes-key-mortgage-rates-down/